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Become a Respiratory Therapist

By August 31, 2022September 7th, 2022No Comments

Respiratory therapy (RT) is a discipline where there are often not enough therapists to meet patient needs. Cogdell is part of a Lubbock-based grant consortium recently awarded an HRSA grant for the education of respiratory therapists, so we have a unique opportunity to help develop and educate local residents in the RT field.

For someone who takes the opportunity to utilize this grant, they will experience a first-class education. The classroom education will be based out of the RT program at the South Plains college in Levelland, Texas. Most classroom work will be via distance learning, with some Cogdell based clinical rotations and a few Lubbock based clinical rotations and classroom work.

We are hoping to find at least one student to help through RT school. Here are the general parameters:

  • Tuition is paid for under the grant
  • The RT program lasts 24 months and 985 clinical hours are required
  • Most clinical work will be completed locally with help from our respiratory therapists
  • Sponsored student must work for the hospital for 4 years in exchange for free tuition

Who would be the ideal candidate for this program?

  • A self-motivated person with an interest in the medical field and a heart to help others
  • Someone with previous college course work
  • Completion of the following pre-requisites: Anatomy and Physiology I and II, College Algebra
  • 3.0 GPA during college

Students can be enrolled online immediately and tuition for prerequisite courses is covered by the grant. Respiratory therapy classes start in January of 2023. Online classes for pre-requisites are available if needed.

If you or someone you may know are interested, please contact Patsy Parmer at 325-574-7143 in the RT department to discuss details.