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Why should I get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

By July 28, 2021No Comments

As the Delta variant becomes more widespread in the United States, it is important that everyone understand the significance of the current COVID infection and how it impacts you and our community. While there have been a few cases of COVID reported in vaccinated individuals, the main threat of severe symptoms, hospitalizations, and increased infection rates are seen primarily in individuals that are unvaccinated.

Breakthrough infections are known for people that have contracted the virus after being fully vaccinated but are extremely rare. While you can still get the virus after being fully vaccinated, symptoms are lessened significantly and hospitalization is uncommon.

 At this time, 97% of people hospitalized for COVID-19 infections are unvaccinated and 99% of people who die from the virus were unvaccinated.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine are shown to be 94-95% effective at preventing serious illness or death. This however does not mean the vaccine does not work but simply that these cases are noteworthy because they are rare. Significant real-world evidence shows that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine continue to offer strong protection against the Delta variant.

The vaccine for COVID-19 has been proven to be the most effective weapon against the pandemic, however, the vaccines only work if we use them. Few people are unable to receive the vaccine, for example, children under the age of 12.

Taking the vaccine means that you may be saving the life of someone you know!

Please call your provider or join us for the FREE VACCINE clinic on 7/31/2021, Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

1700 Cogdell Blvd., Cogdell Family Clinic.