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Know Before You No-Show

By January 24, 2024No Comments

In the event a patient no-show’s on their appointment, we have implemented the following policy to protect our practioners’ time and remain courteous to all of our guests.

  • All patients are notified of the no-show policy and receive a copy of the policy upon their first clinical visit, which they must sign to indicate their agreement to follow. 
  • Each no-show instance is recorded in the patient’s chart and will receive a follow-up notice from the Clinical Team. 
  • Following a no-show, the patient can expect to be charged a fee for the inconvenience to the Clinic. 
  • Following more than three no-show instances, patients are noted to be chronic no-shows and will be faced with dismissal from the Clinic as determined by their provider. 

Thank you for being considerate to our practitioners and to your fellow guests.