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Cogdell Rehab

By August 26, 2022No Comments
Cogdell Rehab is proud to offer a new space for pediatric clients and their families. We offer a wide array of therapeutic services for children of all ages and all levels of development.
Speech therapy treats impairments in the areas of articulation, language, fluency, voice, cognitive-communication, and feeding/swallowing. We also provide a co-treatment approach for children on the autism spectrum with physical and speech therapists who are advanced certified autism specialists. Physical therapy is available for children with developmental disorders to treat deficits with coordination, strength, fine motor skills, gait abnormality, and sensory processing.
Our new space features a therapeutic swing and climbing wall as well as toys that provide fine- and gross-motor work and sensory experiences. Our “calm down” space adjacent to the gym has been beneficial for those with high sensory sensitivity.
Call 325-574-7259 for more information.