Cogdell Physicians

Bid Cooper MD

Bid Cooper - M.D.

Board Certified: Family Medicine
Obstetrics/Pediatrics, DOT Physicals

David Kerr MD

David Kerr - M.D.

Board Certified: Family Medicine
Geriatrics/Acute Care Medicine.

Hayden Hayes CRNA

Hayden Hayes - C.R.N.A.



Jim Burleson MD

Jim Burleson - M.D.

Board Certified: Family Medicine
Flight Physicals, DOT Physicals

Mark Nordyke MD

Mark Nordyke - M.D.

Orthopedic Surgery
Sports Medicine, Joint Pain


David Gullett - C.R.N.A.



Oscar Martinez MD

Oscar Martinez - M.D.

Board Certified: Family Medicine
Diabetes/Obesity, Hypertension
DOT Physicals



Pete Hext CRNA

Pete Hext - C.R.N.A.





 Ryan Morris DO

Ryan Morris - D.O.

Board Certified: Family Medicine
Fellowship trained in Obstetrics
Pediatrics, Gynecology,
Hypertension, DOT Physicals

Teb Thames MD Specialty Physician

Elbert (Teb) Thames, M.D.

Board Certified in General Surgery
Snyder Office - Phone: (325) 574-741
Lubbock Office - Phone: (806)370-0478

 Tom Kerr MD

Tom Kerr - M.D.

Internal Medicine






Mid Level Providers



Alisha Huestis NP 

Alisha Huestis - N.P.

Western Texas College Clinic
and Inpatient Hospital Services


Vanessa Arnwine PA Edit

Vanessa Arnwine - P.A.-C.

Family Medicine
Pediatrics, Gynecology, Well Woman

PA Chesser LG

Andrea Chesser - P.A.-C.

Family Medicine
Women's Health, Adolescent Health





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